Financial Statements

Hawaii adopts installment loan provisions

Earlier this year, the governor of Hawaii signed HB 1192, which amends certain provisions relating to low value loan requirements. Specifically, the bill sets out a new licensing requirement for “installment lenders” and specifies various consumer protection requirements. The bill defines an installment lender in the broad sense as “any …

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Personal loans for cash flow management

There has been a confluence of events to set the stage for the disintermediation of retail banking and further lending growth facilitated by online platforms. Loan Club Financial health officer Anuj nayar these regulations have been updated, connectivity has improved, and everyone has computing power on their desk or in …

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Upgrade adds short term loans through BNPL

Digital banking startup FinTech Upgrade is launching into the buy now, pay later (BNPL) space with a product that allows users to pay off debt in four months without interest, according to a CNBC report released Friday, October 1 . Upgrade creates installment plans to allow users to pay off …

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