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China has further reduced the potential of bitcoin by tightening restrictions on cryptocurrency mining and ordering banks to block crypto-related transactions. The news pushed the price of bitcoin down 10% to a two-week low today.

China’s central bank has warned several of its largest state-owned banks and Jack Ma’s Alipay to “investigate and identify” bank accounts facilitating cryptocurrency exchanges and block all related transactions, our office reports. from Beijing.

He had appealed to the Agricultural Bank of China, China Construction Bank and ICBC, among others, to discuss “the provision of services for speculation in cryptocurrency transactions.” The regulator wants financial groups to identify and block all transfers to accounts held by cryptocurrency exchanges and other offshore intermediaries. The central bank is orienting citizens towards using its own digital currency, which it has started testing in large-scale pilot projects.

“Bitcoin trading in China will continue but become less liquid and spreads will increase,” said Leo Weese, co-founder of the Hong Kong Bitcoin Association. “People will limit themselves to chatting with their friends and the friends of trusted friends. “

Elsewhere, officials at all of China’s mining hubs have tracked Inner Mongolia and released new measures targeting bitcoin creators. Sichuan, a hydropower-rich province in southwest China, has ordered the 26 largest local mines to cease operations while an investigation is underway. Sichuan was seen as a place of last resort for mining operations expelled from provinces that depend on coal-fired power plants for electricity.

Meanwhile, the central banker overseeing the European Union’s development of a digital euro spoke to the Financial Times about its benefits. Fabio Panetta, a board member of the European Central Bank, told us it would strengthen consumer privacy and protect the eurozone from the “threat” of competing cryptocurrencies that could undermine the bloc’s monetary sovereignty.

The Internet of (five) things

1. The German regulator launches the Apple probe
The German antitrust watchdog has launched an investigation into whether Apple has established market dominance through its “digital ecosystem,” making it the fourth U.S. tech giant the agency has targeted this year. The Federal Cartel Office said on Monday it would examine whether Apple exerts market dominance through its integration of hardware products with digital services such as the App Store, iCloud or Apple Music. Meanwhile, EU digital and competition policy chief Margrethe Vestager has dismissed the idea that her upcoming Digital Markets Act (DMA) would only target US tech companies.

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2. Tech investor says UK is still in the 19th century
According to James Anderson, co-manager of Baillie Gifford’s Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust, a ‘deep illness’ in UK capital markets has stifled the growth of local tech entrepreneurs and left London’s blue-chip FTSE 100 looking like a clue from the 19th century. His first bets on Facebook, Amazon and Tesla made him one of the most successful investors in the world.

3. Volvo and Northvolt will build a gigafactory
Volvo Cars and Northvolt will form a joint venture to build a massive new battery factory in Europe and develop power cells for the premium Swedish automaker and its all-electric sister brand Polestar. Northvolt, the great European battery prospect founded by former Tesla executives, is backed by investors such as Volkswagen and Goldman Sachs and valued at around $ 12 billion.

4. Malaysian mobile mega-merger
Malaysian Axiata and Norwegian Telenor have agreed to merge their mobile operations in the Southeast Asian country, creating a $ 12 billion entity that will seek to capture growing demand for digital services. The deal, announced on Monday, comes two years after the couple abandoned plans to merge regional operations in a deal that would have created Southeast Asia’s largest telecommunications operator.

5. Ackman Spac invests in music catalogs
A blank check company backed by hedge fund billionaire Bill Ackman will buy a 10 percent stake in Taylor Swift’s label Universal Music Group for $ 4 billion. The deal is the first of its kind for a special acquisition company and comes as the value of music catalogs skyrockets.

Upcoming tech week

Monday: Activision Blizzard faces a controversial vote on its chief executive’s $ 155 million salary after delaying the showdown in what critics say was an effort to avoid an embarrassing reprimand.

Tuesday: AmazonThe two-day Prime balances are coming to an end.

Wednesday: New UK £ 50 banknote enters circulation and features Alain turing, one of the UK’s greatest scientists, on his birthday. Son of Masayoshi, SoftBank President and CEO, will address the company’s annual meeting amid growing calls for share buybacks after the company reported net income of $ 45 billion for the year as of March 31 .

Thursday: Microsoft unveils its “next generation Windows” at an event presented by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and product manager Panos Panay.

Friday: Days after an independent investigation revealed that Toshiba executives agreed with Japan’s Ministry of Commerce to pressure shareholders over their votes at last year’s general meeting, investors will meet again to elect a new board of 11 directors .

Technical tools – Angell e-bike

The Angell electric bike has momentum, which seems appropriate given its design and French origins. It’s sleek, stylish and one of the lightest bikes in its class, weighing 15.9kg. I was able to test it recently and savored the ramp-up of its three assisted settings – the battery-saving Fly Eco, a standard Fly Dry mode and a Fly Fast for maximum assistance. The handlebars have built-in buttons that switch between these power modes and turn the left and right turn signals on and off as well as the front and rear lights. A central cockpit display connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and displays speed, battery life, time, distance, weather, and power settings.

I had some issues with the battery, which slips on a rear rack and sometimes disconnects while driving, unless I keep the key in it so that it is fully locked. If you leave the battery in the back for a few days while charging, the cockpit center console may lose its own charge and reduce assisted movements. I would also prefer a central smartphone holder rather than having both an Angell app and the console screen. Like other smart electric bikes, the Angel has the ability to send an SMS fall alert to a chosen contact, as well as automatic locking, motion detection and geolocation functions. This is another over £ 2,000 e-bike, costing £ 2,600, compared to the new Cowboy 4 at £ 2,290.

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University school to increase scholarships with $ 25 million donation Mon, 21 Jun 2021 18:33:32 +0000

HUNTING VALLEY, Ohio – University school principal Patrick T. Gallagher believes a $ 25 million donation from the Bill and Susan Oberndorf Foundation will be transformational.

“This gift will change the life trajectories of these young men,” said Gallagher. “It will help us provide an amazing education to talented, accomplished and motivated boys from across the region.

“We could not be more grateful for the support of Bill and Susan Oberndorf, who championed and advanced educational opportunities for children across the country. “

The $ 25 million donation, announced on June 14, will provide scholarships to the private boys’ school with campuses in Hunting Valley and Shaker Heights.

The donation represents the largest gift in the school’s history and one of the largest an independent day school has ever received in the country, according to Gallagher.

“I believe that the most important basis in life is education,” he said. “I myself have benefited from the kind of support this donation will bring to university students.

“So this job is intensely personal for me. I am delighted that this support directly benefits the students.

The donation is part of a $ 50 million goal to increase scholarships at the university school to attract and support outstanding students from across the region, Gallagher said.

“We are looking to admit from the next cycle a hundred academics thanks to this generous donation,” he said. “We will have students who will join us in August 2022 and who will benefit from this donation.

“Obviously we have many needs as a nonprofit, and this is very special for my colleagues and for me.”

Gallagher – who is entering his fourth year as a principal in the United States and has worked at the school for a total of 16 years – said the $ 50 million goal was part of a strategic plan that the school board recently approved.

“Over the next five years, we hope to hit that $ 50 million goal, and Bill and Susan have certainly given us a good start,” he said. “They have supported university school for decades.”

The Oberndorfs live in San Francisco.

“It is a great pleasure and a privilege for my wife and I to make this gift to the United States,” Bill Oberndorf said in a press release. “I truly believe that it is only because I was able to attend the United States that I am able to make this donation today.

“I hope the recipients of these scholarships continue to lead determined lives and find their time in the United States as impactful as I am.”

Oberndorf, graduated in 1971 from the University School, was administrator of the school for more than 30 years. He is also a graduate of Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts, and Stanford University in Stanford, California.

Oberndorf is executive chairman of his family-owned holding company, Oberndorf Enterprises LLC, which invests in a wide range of businesses. He is also president of the American Children’s Federation, which advocates for K-12 educational choice for low-income students.

In addition, he is a Life Director of the Board of Trustees of the University of California at San Francisco, of which he served as Chairman for nine years.

Susan Oberndorf graduated from Stanford University. She is also president of the WNC Corporation, her family’s holding company, and president of the Oberndorf Foundation.

She is a board member of the Environmental Defense Fund and the Mission Dolores Academy, an independent elementary school in San Francisco.

The university school welcomes 840 boys from kindergarten to grade 12. The school’s mission is to inspire promising boys to become young men of character who lead and serve.

Families can register to find out more about the school’s scholarship offers by visiting

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Biden administration will make it easier for student loan borrowers to get a mortgage Mon, 21 Jun 2021 18:28:06 +0000

The Biden administration is relaxing federal mortgage rules to give student loan borrowers a better chance of being approved for a mortgage.

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) has announced changes to its student loan calculations that should make it easier for student loan borrowers to get mortgage approval. The policy change is to remove the current requirement that FHA mortgage lenders calculate a borrower’s monthly student loan payment as 1% of their student loan balance for loans that are not fully paid. amortized or in the process of being reimbursed. This includes borrowers who are subject to an approved deferment or forbearance, or who are only required to make relatively small payments under an income-based repayment plan.

For example, a federal student loan borrower with an outstanding balance of $ 100,000, an income of $ 60,000 per year, and a family of 3 may only have a monthly payment of $ 245 per month under repayment plans approved based on income. But an FSA-backed mortgage lender may “assume” that the borrower actually has a payment of $ 1,000 per month because of the FHA’s long-standing underwriting rules that apply to 1% of the outstanding balance. This could prevent the borrower from getting a mortgage, depending on their overall credit profile and other debt obligations.

The new FHA policy will allow mortgage lenders to use the actual amount of a borrower’s monthly student loan payment, even if it is less than the traditional amount of 1% of the total balance. And if a student loan borrower’s calculated payment is $ 0 (which is possible under an income-based repayment plan), the mortgage lender will automatically apply 0.5% of the outstanding loan balance. student as deemed payment, rather than 1%.

“Homeownership is the cornerstone of the American dream and the best way to build generational wealth. I am proud that the FHA is taking action to allow borrowers with student loan debt to qualify for a federally insured mortgage, ”Housing and Urban Development Secretary Marcia L. Fudge said in a statement. “This new policy will make a big difference to individuals across our country and is another step in our mandate to promote equity and homeownership opportunities.

Advocates hailed the policy change as an important step in tackling racial inequalities. According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), 77.7% of black students borrow federal student loans to pay for their graduate studies, which is significantly higher than the national average for all students (60%) and for college students. white (57.5%). Black students are also more likely to attend for-profit institutions, which are often accused of deceptive and predatory conduct.

“It is essential that we reflect on all the ways in which racial discrimination is woven into our society, especially in our housing system. Too many generations of black families are deprived of the opportunity to secure an affordable mortgage, own their own home and create wealth to pass on to their children and grandchildren, ”said U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown (D -OH), chair of the US Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs. “I applaud HUD and Secretary Fudge for taking this first step to address inequities in our housing system and look forward to continuing to work together to increase homeownership and address the disparities.”

The announcement comes as the Biden administration begins to hold hearings on possible proposals to revamp key federal student loan repayment and forgiveness programs, such as income-tested repayment plans and remission. public service loans.

Further reading

Biden administration announces major overhaul of income-based repayment and student loan forgiveness programs

Will Biden cancel student loan debt? We may know soon

Biden Student Loan Forgiveness Review: Should You Take Action Now to Write Off Student Debt Later?

If Biden doesn’t cancel student loan debt, could he do it instead?

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25 Reliable Dividend Stocks That Trade For Relatively High Yields Mon, 21 Jun 2021 18:27:07 +0000

The income stream offered by dividends provides some comfort in volatile market conditions. On the other hand, yields on treasury bills remained at low levels. During the week ended June 11, 2021, the yield on the 10-year note was less than 1.5%. Dividend paying stocks can offer comparable (and often higher) returns with the potential for dividend growth and capital appreciation.

Dividends contribute to returns in any market situation, while the attractiveness of income from dividend-paying stocks helps limit large losses in a market downturn. A dividend yield strategy can help you find potentially undervalued stocks with reduced downside risk, provided the dividend is secure.

However, not all dividends are created equal. Many companies have reduced or eliminated their dividends since 2020. Therefore, it is important for investors to pay attention to management’s commitment to guarantee the payment of dividends and whether the amount of the dividend has increased, remained the same. same or has been reduced.

High relative dividend yields

A share’s dividend yield is calculated by taking the stated dividend (the expected dividend over the next year) and dividing it by the share price. For most stocks, the dividend shown is the most recent quarterly dividend multiplied by four. If a stock pays an stated dividend of $ 1 per share and trades at a price of $ 40, its dividend yield is 2.5% ($ 1 ÷ $ 40 = 0.025 or 2.5%). If a stock’s price is rising faster than its dividend, the dividend yield will drop, indicating that the price may have been up too high and may be ready for a drop. Conversely, if the dividend yield reaches a high level, the stock may be on the verge of a price increase if the dividend can be sustained.

AAII follows a high-performance screen that searches for companies whose characteristics include:

  • An established history of rising dividends,
  • A high dividend yield compared to its historical norm,
  • Profit growth above industry standard and
  • Liabilities below industry standard.

A history of growing dividends implies that management has always maintained a focus on providing an increasing level of income to shareholders.

The relative dividend yield is a measure of valuation. It is used to signal if a company is trading at a discount from its historical range. Higher yields signal a lower valuation, although other metrics, such as the price-earnings ratio, should also be considered. Higher performance can also signal concerns about the business or financial condition of the business; therefore, a thorough research is necessary.

Above-industry earnings growth suggests that the company’s profitability should be able to support higher dividends in the future. These two characteristics increase the possibility that dividends will be increased in the future, but they do not guarantee it. Lower debt levels provide more cash for dividend payments, as less cash has to be used for debt service. Comparing debt levels with the industry median allows the strategy to adapt to different capital requirements.

Like all basic value-driven techniques, the dividend yield strategy attempts to identify investments that are not in favor. Filtering is the first step in this process, and it involves scanning a group of headlines to find those that deserve further analysis. Absolute or relative levels can be used to find high yielding stocks. A filter requiring an absolute level might seek, for example, a minimum dividend yield of 3% before an investment is considered.

The screens based on relative levels compare the return to a benchmark that can fluctuate, such as the current dividend yield for the S&P 500. In this case, the investor does not require the return to reach a minimum level, but rather than maintain its historical level. relation to the reference figure. Common screens looking at relative returns include comparisons to a certain overall market level, industry level, historical average, or even an interest rate benchmark. This screen is performed using a historical average as a reference.

Apply screen

The first filter excludes companies that trade in the over-the-counter (OTC) market. This filter is used to establish minimum levels of liquidity.

Next, the filter excludes closed-end mutual funds, which have unique financial characteristics that require them to be analyzed separately.

The screen then requires a company to have seven years of price and dividend records. When filtering against a historical average, remember to include a time period that covers both the rising and falling periods of a market and an economic cycle.

Selecting a period is a balance between using a period that is too short and captures only a segment of the market cycle, and one that is too long and includes a period that is no longer representative of the market cycle. current business, industry or market. Periods between five and ten years are the most common for this type of comparison.

The screen then searches for companies that have paid a dividend for each of the past seven years and have never reduced their dividend.

Dividend levels are set by the board of directors based on current business, industry and economic conditions. Because dividend cuts amount to an announcement that the company is in financial difficulty, dividends are set at levels that the company should be able to afford throughout the business cycle.

A lack of dividend growth or a declining rate of dividend growth can also be troubling, especially after a period of regular annual dividend increases. Investors like Benjamin Graham have demanded that stock dividends at least keep pace with inflation. The screen is even more aggressive and demands an annual increase in the dividend payment per share for each of the last six years.

The next filter requires that the company’s current dividend yield be greater than its seven-year average dividend yield. This filter searches for companies whose dividends have grown faster than the stock price increases, or whose current stock price has fallen recently.

The payout ratio

While it may appear that the selection process should be completed with this last filter, before a company can be considered for purchase, the security of the dividend must be considered. A high dividend yield can be a signal that the market expects the dividend to be reduced shortly and has lowered the price accordingly. A high relative dividend yield is only a buy signal if the dividend level should be maintained and increased over time.

There are metrics that help identify the security of the dividend. The payout ratio is perhaps the most common of these and is calculated by dividing the dividend per share by the earnings per share. In general, the lower the number, the safer the dividend. Any ratio above 50% is considered a warning signal. However, for some industries, such as utilities, ratios of around 80% are common. A payout ratio of 100% indicates that a company pays out all of its profits as dividends. A negative payout ratio indicates that a company pays a dividend even though profits are negative. Businesses cannot afford to pay more than they earn in the long run. The screen requires a distribution rate of between 0% and 85% for utilities and between 0% and 50% for companies in other sectors.

Financial solidity

Dividends are paid in cash, so it’s also important to look at a company’s liquidity. Financial strength helps indicate liquidity and provide a measure of security for the payment of dividends.

Both short-term business obligations and long-term liabilities must be considered when testing financial strength. Common measures of a company’s long-term obligations include debt-to-equity ratio (which compares the level of long-term debt to equity), debt as a percentage of capital structure (long-term debt divided by capital, which includes long-term funding sources such as bonds, capitalized leases and equity) and total liabilities to total assets.

The screen uses the ratio of total liabilities to assets because it takes into account both current and long term liabilities. Acceptable debt levels vary by industry, so the screen searched for companies with total liabilities to assets below the norm for their industry. The higher the ratio, the greater the financial leverage and the higher the risk. Financial stocks and passing utilities have much higher values ​​than stocks in the consumer sectors.

Profit growth

It is also important to examine the earnings history. Dividend growth cannot deviate from the level of earnings growth for very long, so the pattern of earnings growth will help confirm the stability and strength of the dividend. Ideally, income should increase steadily. The end screen demands that profit growth over the past three years be above the industry standard.


This High Relative Dividend Yield screen (which has shown an average annual gain since 1998 of 9.0%, compared to 6.5% for the S&P 500 index over the same period) identifies companies with strong dividend benchmarks that are trading at relatively high returns. Selecting a relatively high dividend yield is based on the age-old rule of buying low and selling high. Examining a stock’s dividend yield provides a useful framework for identifying potential candidates.

To be successful with this strategy, you need to develop a set of tools to not only identify which stocks have relatively high dividend yields, but also which of those stocks have the strength to bounce back. As with any screen, the listing of visiting companies is only a starting point for further analysis.

Stocks passing the high relative dividend yield screen (sorted by dividend yield)


Stocks that meet the criteria for the approach do not represent a “recommended” or “buy” list. It is important to exercise due diligence.

If you want an edge throughout this market volatility,become a member of AAII.

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Business News | Stock market and stock market news Mon, 21 Jun 2021 02:59:33 +0000

Money control

As for the levels, 15,820 – 15,880 are immediate resistances, while 15,550 – 15,450 – 15,400 are support levels, experts suggest.

Experts recommend caution at higher levels, pick 10 names before F&O expires in June based on technical data

  • के लिए 15400 का स्तर अहम, स्मॉल और मिडकैप के क्वालिटी शेयरों पर लगाएं दांव – आनंद राठी

  • पर रहें सतर्क, ये स्टॉक शॉर्ट टर्म में करा सकते हैं दमदार कमाई: एक्सपर्ट्स

  • भसीन ने कहा बाजार में मंगलवार तक रहेगी वोलेटिलिटी, लेकिन ये दो स्टॉक्स करायेंगे कमाई

  • Live Market: में कमजोरी कायम, Nifty 15600 के पार, auto, IT में दबाव

  • Hot Stocks: जानिए क्यों है HDFC Life में buy और UPL में बिकवाली की सलाह

  • मनु सिंघवी का विवादित बयान, – ॐ के उच्चारण से योग ज्यादा शक्तिशाली नहीं हो जाएगा

  • ITR Alert: फाइल कर लें इनकम टैक्स रिटर्न, वरना देना पडे़गा डबल TDS, जानें नए नियम

  • 10 ट्रैवल बैन में दी ढील, शर्तों के साथ कर सकते हैं यात्रा, कौन-कौन हैं वो देश

  • Indian Railways: ने आज से शुरू की शताब्दी समेत 50 स्पेशल ट्रेनें, इन राज्यों के यात्रियों को होगा फायदा

  • International Yoga Day 2021: पीएम नरेंद्र मोदी ने कहा- अब विश्व को M-Yoga ऐप की शक्ति मिलेगी

  • MFI राहत पैकेज के बाद BANQUE BANDHAN पर ब्रोकरेजेस से जानिये खरीदें, बेचें या करें होल्ड

  • के कारोबार में बाजार के 5 अहम स्टॉक्स जहां होनी चाहिए निवेशकों की नजर

  • Coronavirus News Live Updates: दिन में 53,256 मामले और 1422 लोगों की मौत

  • RIL NTPC पर जानिये दिग्गज ब्रोकरेज हाउसेज की रिपोर्ट

  • Actions in the news: के दम पर आज इन शेयरों में रहेगी हलचल, बनी रहे नजर

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Sbi 407.25 -5.65 -1.37
Indiabulls Hsg 279.50 0.60 0.22
Nhpc 26.45 -0.15 -0.56




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