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Stamford, CT, December 30, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Freedom Holdings, Inc. (“FHLD” or the “Company”, OTC: FHLD) is pleased to announce that on December 30, 2021, it has completed the acquisition of Carbon Zero Asset Management, Inc. (“Carbon-Zero” or “Target”) for a stock exchange. The Company will issue 311,672,730 par value of $ 0.0001 of its common shares in exchange for a one hundred percent (100%) interest in Carbon-Zero, which will become its wholly owned subsidiary.

Carbon-Zero is a private financial technology company driven by Ethereum-based blockchain technology to carbon credit markets using fungible tokens and smart contracts. Carbon-Zero aims to provide carbon credits with more loyalty, transparency, accessibility, liquidity and standardization. Carbon-Zero builds a programmable carbon ecosystem that will allow participants in the carbon credits market a tokenization process to safely digitize carbon credits. The ecosystem will include the minting and engraving protocols, a transparent token validation and distribution mechanism, a token exchange platform and tools to engage all stakeholders, including carbon credit initiators, compensators, project auditors, liquidity providers, NGOs, concerned citizens, and governments.

In the short term, the Company intends to rename its company name, website, logo and other marketing materials to reflect its recent business shift.

Mr. Steve Lowe, Executive Director of Carbon-Zero, has over 25 years of experience in the global finance and commodities industries. He has experience as a senior executive, managing director and active member of the board of directors, notably as chairman of a listed company, Carbon Conscience. Mr Lowe said: “To avoid catastrophic climate change, we must reduce or offset our current and previous emissions to the atmosphere. He added: “The main challenges of the current voluntary carbon trading and compliance systems are fragmented implementations, lack of transparency in verifying good quality carbon credits, resulting in costs of huge transactions that transfer value to speculators and middlemen. Only 12 billion tonnes of pollutants have been offset, out of 55 billion tonnes meeting about 22% of demand. Of these 12 billion tonnes, voluntary carbon credits have contributed to fractional compensation. As a result, we believe the demand for carbon credit will increase by double digit factor in the next five to ten years.

“This is a sea change for our company and our shareholders,” said Brian Blum, Director of FHLD. “I want to thank everyone involved for making this dream come true. We are committed to executing the plan and growing our business, which will include developing intellectual property into future-proof technologies, ensuring revenue growth, and ultimately improving value. for shareholders. “

About Carbon-Zero Carbon-Zero is a blockchain technology driven company focused on delivering an Ethereum-based programmable carbon ecosystem to drive the global economy towards a net zero carbon future. Carbon-Zero aims to provide carbon credits with more loyalty, transparency, accessibility, liquidity and standardization.

About Freedom Holdings, Inc. (FHLD) FHLD is a multi-purpose holding company focused on acquiring and supporting leading financial services and technology companies. FHLD’s multidisciplinary approach aims to create fintech platforms currently focused on the clean energy sector, providing environmental, social and governance (ESG) technologies and carbon credit solutions.

Press Release Contact: Brian Kistler Director Freedom Holdings, Inc.

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