Hydro Hippos Mining Club – US Based Bitcoin Mining Farm

Hydro Hippos Mining Club (HHMC) is based in the state of Idaho.

Building the bridge between WEB3, NFTs and renewable energy, Bitcoin Mining. Using expertise in Bitcoin mining and a HydroPlant to mine Bitcoin monthly and share it with holders.

It’s true.

DO NOT send minors to other hosting providers and receive up to 42% hosting fees each month.

The owners have a background in real estate, Jason and Brian are journeyman electricians and electrical engineers. Todd, is licensed in 9 states as a financial advisor and considers himself a serial entrepreneur.

An NFT community building THE largest sustainable, deflationary and passive development

Rewards Project in the WEB3 Space. Through testing with their electrical engineers, they were able to reduce the power consumption of ASIC miners by more than 50%, while increasing the hashing power by more than 30%. Anyone who strikes during our PFP collection on OS, limited to 1000 mints. Will receive a free mint in our 2.0 collection worth 0.09 ETH.

HHMC will pay out up to 60% of all Bitcoins mined to holders through the BTC Rewards Wallet and the Community Wallet, they will also have a 30% Project Wallet which we will use to continue building the hashpower of the Project, thereby offering rewards higher to the community.

● 40% Bitcoin Reward Wallet: These funds will be paid monthly to NFT holders starting in the seventh month.

30% Project Portfolio: These funds will be used to finance the project to acquire additional miners, electricity, liquid cooling, etc.

● 20% Community Wallet: These funds will be released by the community through a vote and will be used for charity, giveaways, Bitcoin rewards wallet distributions, and other community endorsements.

● 10% of Owner’s Wallet: These funds will initially be used for team livelihoods so that we can give the project and the community the attention it deserves.

They will eventually invite all projects and individuals to join the ecosystem to take advantage of innovations not only to improve the overall performance of their projects, but it will add and strengthen HHMC as THE largest passive project in the space.

NFT whitelist

Whitelisting will take place via Discord and verification process once announced and will be limited to UP TO 190 people at 1700 ETH. Gauntlet Holders and PFP Collectors who have at least (1) Common PFP, (1) Rare, (1) Epic, and (1) Legendary PFP will automatically be given first pick at WL and will need to be confirmed before WL Mint.

NFT Seed Sale – LIVE

The seed sale for Phase 2 is still ongoing, but secure entries are limited as some spots have been sent to multiple communities. Each entry is currently priced at $1000 entry (50% off).

At the time of writing:

● HHMC currently has over 40 people who have already obtained their Hydro Miner mints.


The water is nice.

● Join the discord and open a ticket to secure today: https://discord.com/invite/hydrohippos

● Follow on Twitter @hydrohippos

● Visit the website at https://hydrohippos.io/

Live collection on opensea https://opensea.io/collection/hydrohippospfp

See linktr.ee for details https://linktr.ee/hydrohippos

Media Contact
Company Name: Hydro Hippos
Contact person: Todd Smith
E-mail: Send an email
Country: United States
Website: https://hydrohippos.io/

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