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Sunnyvale, California, United States, October 8, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – AsicWay, an innovative technology company (, recently announced its grand entry into the global crypto market with its new generation of miners of cryptography. The company is committed to making the benefits of cryptocurrency mining accessible to everyone, regardless of their experience and technical expertise. Unlike any other product on the market, AsicWay mining rigs offer a guaranteed return on investment in just one month.

At present, AsicWay offers three mining rigs, viz. AW1, AW2 and AW PRO. All of these products are capable of mining bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, and monero, and are built around the latest ASIC technology. One of the main strengths of AsicWay miners is their extraordinary hash rate, which makes them the most powerful mining hardware around. In addition, these products have surprisingly low energy consumption.

BTC (TH / s) LTC (GH / s) ETH (GH / s) XMR (MH / s) Power consumption (W)

AW1 380 40 2.5 3650
AW2 610 64 4 5 850
AW PRO 1950 200 13 16 2200

Due to their impressive hash rates and energy consumptions, these mining rigs have exceptional profit potential for different cryptocurrencies. AsicWay makes it very easy for users to get started in mining by providing hardware preconfigured with a Linux based system. Also, these minors require a moderate minimum internet speed of 10KB / s for upload and download.

The technology leaders and visionaries behind the AsicWay team strongly believe that the benefits of crypto mining should not be enjoyed only by technologically skilled people. That is why the company has come up with products that can be used by anyone for a nice profit.

“Our vision behind the creation of AsicWay was to simplify the idea of ​​crypto mining so that even the most technologically challenged individuals could benefit. We are hopeful that we can script a new era in crypto mining with these products, ”said a senior spokesperson for AsicWay.

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About AsicWay: AsicWay Crypto Limited is an innovative technology company created and managed by a team of experienced engineers and enlightened minds inspired by the idea of ​​bringing the best technology to the crypto mining market. The company operates with the vision of bringing unprecedented crypto mining opportunities to all types of investors.


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