Refugee family loses home to tornado, WCSO deputy son says their American dream was gone in seconds

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) – For a refugee family, the American dream they worked so hard for was gone in seconds.

“If God hadn’t worked this moment to wake up my little sister, to wake me up, I would be gone, I wouldn’t be here today,” WCSO MP Godfrey Hamisi said, recalling the frightening moment when a tornado ravaged his neighborhood. at Bowling Green.

“So when the house started to collapse, the garage came loose, I just hugged my sister, my little brother,” he said. “Very scared, everyone is crying”.

Hamisi, a deputy in the Warren County Sheriff’s Office, says the one thing his parents worked so hard for, providing for their families, is now gone.

“My family and I were just sitting outside looking at the house, I’m going, where are we going?” All we have, the American dream that my parents dreamed of having a house having just a normal place people can live and a house that they work so hard to buy, it all came to fruition in seconds ”, Hamisi said.

Hamisi’s family arrived in Bowling Green in 2010 and bought their home in 2015.

“After everything has been done and everything has fallen. I start to hear people, people screaming, I made sure my family was okay. And everyone was fine, thank goodness after getting everyone to a safe place I went back to my room. I have my duty belt. We just thank God for still being here today. My whole family of 10, no one was hurt. Not even a scratch, ”added Hamisi.

Fortunately, the Hamisi family had home insurance. “They were told they need to be rebuilt and several things that insurance can cover other things that cannot be covered,” Hamisi said.

“Just ask for prayers for the people who have had their homes damaged. For those who lost their lives for the family who lost their lives during this time. I am very sure this is a heartbreaking moment that anyone could have experienced. Because I lived it, I thought it was the end. I thought that was it. Just pray and help whenever you can, whenever you can, ”Hamisi also adds.

Hamisi and his family are just grateful to be alive. He says if you want to donate items or money to his family, you can apply it in cash, his cash application is $ GodfreyHamisi

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